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"We can't predict your future, but we can help you plan for it."




Duckett Wealth Management creates financial strategies for our clients who are preparing for retirement or simply looking to grow their financial wealth. We offer a full range of flexible financial planning and investment management services. 

Some of the services our clients receive:

• An in-person meeting semi-annually to review client’s financial position in relation to goals — topics covered may include account updates, asset allocation review, portfolio status, retirement sensitivity analysis, capital gains review and changes in client’s life that could affect the wealth management plan.

• A communication from one of our team members every sixty days to update financial and personal situation and to ensure all needs are being met.

• Periodic and proactive contact from our team when applicable to discuss re-positioning portfolio, asset transfers, and other needs as they occur.

• Monthly emails with portfolio updates.

• Periodic invitations to exclusive client events.

• Meeting with extended family to provide education on investment and wealth preservation topics.

• Annual preparation of a detailed net worth statement, including investments, real estate, business interests, and any other important assets.


• Creation and execution of a written cash flow and budgeting plan to support income needs both before and during retirement.

• A thorough evaluation of existing estate documents, such as wills and trusts, along with a summary and discussion of what they accomplish

• Ongoing review of insurance coverage, to include life, long-term care, survivor protection and estate preservation.

3281 E. Guasti Rd. Suite 700 

Ontario, CA 91761



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